Pravi Auto Swing


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Tailgate/Dickey, Passenger Bus luggage compartment, Commercial vehicle engine flap:

This is a common application of the gas spring in the automotive sector. The Auto LIFT gas spring adds to the convenience of the user for lifting of the car dickey / compartment door. After an initial manual assistance, the gas spring opens the dickey / door to its designed opening angle.

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Engine Hood/Bonnet, Battery/utility compartment, Roof top ventilators:

The above mentioned are common Auto LIFT applications in passenger and commercial vehicles. The gas springs help to keep the respective lids / doors open for as much time as required, and up to the lid's maximum designed opening angle for allowing easy access to the engine bay or the battery compartment.

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Passenger Seats, Tilt Steering:

The word luxurious is synonymous with a plush seat in a passenger bus. How much one can recline in a seat is decided by the Auto BLOCK gas spring. Whether one wants to keep the seat backrest upright for reading while travelling or take a nap by reclining it fully, the Auto BLOCK is there for you.

Tilt steering wheels are now a common feature in passenger vehicles. Whether you want to keep the wheel upright for easy ingress and egress or keep it in the bottom position for a more relaxed arm position on the steering wheel, the Auto BLOCK keeps it the way you want it.

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